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Wedding > Stationery Needs - What To Do Next?

So your wedding is coming up and you still have tons to do, right? Don't worry, that just makes you like 99.9% of the brides out there. Here's what you need in terms of day of the wedding stationery needs:

Wedding Programs

Wedding programs tell guests who is in the bridal party, what's coming up next, and who the speakers are. Good programs increase guest engagement and make them feel a part of the wedding.

It's critical that your program should complement your wedding theme (colors and design) and fit your personality. With hundreds of designs, color schemes, and font styles, you are sure to find the right one at Shutterfly. You can also add pictures, which make for a more personal feel.


This is the fun part...the food!

First, spend some time with your caterer to go over the menu. Keep the design similar to or exactly the same as the program. If it's a formal meal, use a formal font. If it's a backyard barbecue, make it fun. Then it's time to pick your menu stationery.

Once you have those down, you need to figure out where everyone is sitting. You can use place cards for that.

Place Cards

You don't want your future Crazy Uncle Ned sitting next to your political-rant-prone Aunt Lucy? Better make sure you spend some time on the seating chart.

When you've figured it all out, use place cards to show everyone where to sit.

There are tons of ways to use them, from a corkboard with their names and table numbers, to individual seat assignments with their names on the tables. The latter method allows guests to find their own name and enjoy mingling with other guests.

Tip: For best results and a potential price break, order all three of these at the same time. Usually sites like Wedding Paper Divas offer discounts for ordering matching programs, menus, and place cards. It also helps you to make 100% sure the designs are exactly the same (same colors, fonts, etc.)

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